World Menopause Day

World Menopause Day 2017

The 2017 World Menopause Day campaign to raise awareness of midlife women's health concentrates on perimenopausal bleeding, a common problem which has never been addressed in this campaign before. This is complimentary to the overall theme of the 16th IMS World Congress in 2018, ‘Midlife health in the 21st century’, which focuses on the problems of the perimenopause.

Webinar - New for 2017 was a live webinar held on Friday 20th October, featuring IMS President, Mary Ann Lumsden, one of the authors, and Nick Panay who summarised the key points of the paper and offered the opportunity to all members to ask questions on this important topic. The session was recorded and is available to replay by clicking here.

A White Paper - Abnormal uterine bleeding in perimenopause

Abnormal uterine bleeding is one of the commonest presenting complaints encountered in a gynecologist's office or primary-care setting. The wider availability of diagnostic tools has allowed prompt diagnosis and treatment of an increasing number of menstrual disorders in an office setting. This White Paper reviews the advantages and disadvantages of transvaginal ultrasound, blind endometrial sampling and diagnostic hysteroscopy. Once a proper diagnosis has been established, appropriate therapy may be embarked upon. 

Professor Steven Goldstein, IMS Treasurer, and Professor Mary Ann Lumsden, IMS President, have reviewed the available literature and written a practical guide entitled ‘Abnormal uterine bleeding in perimenopause’. This focuses on background and etiology, investigations and diagnosis and, finally, treatment options available in the clinical setting. The review is available for download on the Taylor & Francis website and will be published in the hard copy of our peer-reviewed journal, Climacteric, in October 2017.

Translations of the paper are available free of charge to download - see links below. Other translations will be added as they become available.



The IMS grants permission to individuals only to reproduce the copies of the review for their own personal use but requests that organisations contact Ms Lee Tomkins, IMS Executive Director for advice on how to order reprints.

Slide Kit

A short accompanying slide kit, ‘Changes before the Change’ for physician education has also been produced by Amos Pines in collaboration with the authors of the White Paper and is available to download in the following languages:

Patient Information Leaflet - Changes before the Change

This Patient Information Leaflet is a guide to Perimenopausal Bleeding, its causes and the treatments available as well as a call to women entering mid life to ensure they seek professional advice if they have any concerns about Abnormal Uterine Bleeding as it can be a symptom of other more serious conditions.

To download and read the Patient Information Leaflet, click on the appropriate language below:


Awareness Raising Poster - Changes before the Change

This A4 poster is designed to make women think about and possibly seek help regarding the changes that are happening to them as they enter mid life.

The poster can be used in a physician’s waiting room or reception, in libraries, or during health awareness meetings for women. The poster can be used throughout the year to encourage women to seek help and advice from their health care professional. It is available in the following languages:


Reports from around the World


Dr. Frank Ospina, President of the Colombian Menopause Society, reports that they will be holding their next National Symposium following the IMS recommendations in Guatapé, Colombia on October 28 for approximately 100 doctors from the Society.

ACADEMIC PROGRAM - "Abnormal Uterine Hemorrhage in Perimenopause"

Speakers include Dr. Luis Martín Uribe, Bogota, Dr. Ricardo Martin, Bogota, Dr Hoover Canaval, Cali, Dr. Alvaro Monterrosa, Bolivar, Dr. Martha Lucía Marrugo, Barranquilla and Dr. Patricia Hormaza Angel, Medellín.


Prof Shaikh Zinnat Ara Nasreen reports that the Bangladesh Menopause Society will be holding a CME meeting on the 14th October in Dhaka for around 400 participants to celebrate World Menopause Day 2017.